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Black Box Authentication (staff login) with Active Directory not working? Try this!


I had installed and configured adlDAP as per the instructions on and when using the examples.php test file I was able to authenicate myself. However, HelpSpot kept telling me Login failed. Please try again…

By using SQL Server Profiler I noticed that HelpSpot looks in the HS_Person table to find the blackbox username. Indeed, my blackbox username was in there, but there was an additional space stored before the username! Manually editing the HS_Person table solved my issue. :slight_smile:

I have noticed that when you enter the blackbox username through the HelpSpot webinterface for a useraccount for the first time there’s already a space in that box. So click in that box and hit Backspace before entering the Windows account name. That will spare you from several hours of debugging. :wink:


Hi Ronald,

Thanks for this, sorry for the trouble. Obviously there’ shouldn’t be a space there. I’ll get that looked at.


Thanks, Ian! And no problem–it’s always fun to track down an issue and find a solution :wink: