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I am getting an 500 internal server error when I try and log in to the admin login. I am also noticing that when I load the admin.php page to login I have a script error (Error: can’t load XRegExp twice in the same frame) on line 59 of the hs-js-combined.php file. I have been trying to figure out what would be causing this however I haven’t a clue. Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Daniel,

Has anything changed with your server or HelpSpot setup?

The JS error wouldn’t be related to the 500.

Perhaps you have a syntax error in your black box file if you are just trying to set that up for the first time?


Possibly a connection issue from the server you’re on to the AD server?

By using on other machines do you mean with another HS setup or another product/script?

Permissions shouldn’t be an issue. You’d get a server error.


OK so it’s working or no :slight_smile:

If not where are we at, it’s 500 still or just not logging in?


Just hard code a return true and see if that works. If not, make sure in the database in the HS_Person table that the username is in there correct and no spaces, etc.

Also that the user it’s mapped to is fDeleted = 0.

Then it should work for sure as a hard coded return true will force it to work as long as it can match the usernames.


Phew :slight_smile:

Sorry for the trouble but glad to hear it’s working!

If you need anything else let us know.