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BlackBox --- Instructions/docs for LDAP integration?


Hey Ian,

HelpSpot rocks! :smiley:

Do you have plans for including documentation to integrate HelpSpot into an LDAP/Open Directory/Active Directory environment?


  • Chris


Thanks Chris, that’s good to hear. It’s always scary shipping software.

I’m working on those docs right now. They should be up later tonight or at the very latest tomorrow before noon. That’s one of the parts that really needs some good testing, because it’s just hard to test in a controlled development environment. Glad to hear you’re going to give it a spin.

The documentation will be very similar to the comments in the black box sample file so you might want to give it a try. If you look in the directory /custom_code you’ll see the sample file and some notes on it’s use.

HelpSpot just pretty much passes you the username and password the user signs in with and you do the LDAP magic to determine if they are valid. If so return true in the function outlined in the sample file and you’ll be all set.

The user must be created in HelpSpot so that HelpSpot can be aware of what the users “username” is and can log them in.