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BlackBoxPortal issue


Since upgrading to v3.2.10 we have an issue logging into “check on a request” in the portal, the std HS blackbox is working fine. The code for BlackBoxPortal.php is shown below:


function BlackBoxPortal($username, $password){

//create the AD LDAP connection
$adldap = new adLDAP();

if ($adldap->authenticate($username,$password)) {
	//userinfo=$adldap->user_info($username, array("mail"));
	//return $userinfo[0]["mail"][0];
	return $username . "";

} else {
	return false;


The url changes to pg=request.check&login_email= and we get the message Your login failed. Please try again.

I’ve tried just returning a valid email address and we get the same result.


Hi Shane,

Sorry for the delay.

Did you get this resolved? If not, what version did you upgrade from? Did you make any PHP changes at the same time?

Not much has changed with how that works in a long time.