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Blank install.php page


I know others around here have had this problem, but it’s happening to me, too.

I’m on an Accelerator at TxD, with OpenSolaris and a fresh new install of Zend Optimizer 3.2.2.

File permissions? Do I need to set anything to 666 or 777?

I keep going back over my config file just to make sure I’ve got everything set correctly. Question: base path? Do you need to set this? Is it my Unix base path – e.g. /home/… or what?


Hard to say, the blank page issue is rare on Unix. You should check your perms that they’re executable by the web server. 755 should be OK or even tighter depending on the setup. Can you send over your phpinfo() dump so I can take a look. Best to email it in, send it zipped though so it gets through OK.


The perms on any individual files or just everything, all folders and files?


Got it working. I deleted all the files, moved the tar to the server, unzipped from there, configured and installed. Not sure what the problem was.


Ah, that was going to be my next suggestion. If you FTP’d them up the FTP software may have corrupted them since they’re binary, but some FTP clients will treat them as text.


winscp was the client, for the record.