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Blank (Null) page after login with Safari 4.0 Web Broswer?


Anyone else having issues with the released version of Safari 4.0 loading pages after login to HelpSpot?

We get a page without any HTML source and stuck at the following URL in Safari 4.0:


Cleared cache and issue present on two different systems using Safari 4.0 on OS X 10.5.7.

Firefox works correctly still and Safari 4.0 Beta was working before upgrading to Safari 4.0 GA.


No major information in the activity monitor or the error console under Safari 4.0 (5530.17) when troubleshooting this login issue with HS 2.6.3 and Safari 4.0.

I doubt the only error of “Unmatched encountered. Ignoring tag.” in admin.php line 588 and 1080 to be part of the root cause for me not being able to login with Safari 4.0.

However, immediately after I changed Safari’s 4.0 User Agent to Safari 3.0.2 in the Developer menu, I was able to login to HS.

Checking the server for any error messages and collecting steps on how to consistently reproduce this issue with Safari 4.0


Finding that when the HSSESSION cookie expires, a new PHPSESSID and HSSESSION cookies are not always sent back down from HS for Safari 4.0.

Breaking out the packet sniffer now to find out what is on the wire when I can and can’t login to HS.


Hi Patrick,

I’m posting this from Safari 4 without issue. I’m not sure why you’d be seeing that. As of yet no other reports of this have been submitted to us.

Do you have any plugins that you were using in Safari 3 which may not be 4 compatible and are causing issues? Are you on a corporate network which may be interfering in some way because it’s not prepared for the new user agent?