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Blank page when accessing the admin tab of admin.php


When clicking on the admin tab of admin.php page I get a blank page in return. Looking at the error log I see the message below:

[client] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tidy_setopt() in /var/www/html/helpspot_2.1.1/helpspot/lib/util.lib.php on line 514, referer:

Running on Fedora Core 4, Apache 2.0.54, PHP 5.0.4, mySQL 4.1.2


Hi Shane,

Something is odd there. That function should only be called on a PHP 4 installation. You’re on an odd version of PHP 5, is there any chance you could upgrade to the latest and see if that clears it up?

If not, you could disable the Tidy extension in PHP and see if that helps.