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Blocking outbound messages for some request types


We’re using Intercom.IO for in-app messaging with out product. As it’s not entirely built with a support team in mind, we’re piping all of it through Helpspot (via Zapier’s excellent webhook system).

The problem we’re running into right now is that our users are getting double-tapped with emails. One from Helpspot when we update the case, and one from Intercom when the webhook updates the conversation there.

Is it possible to disable outbound emails for a single category within Helpspot?

We still want emails sent out for our email channels, and we’d prefer not to leave Private Notes (as that is highly disruptive to the workflow).


There’s not exactly a way to do that. However, in the send from notification option drop down on the request screen you can select ‘do not send email’. You can also set this from a response, so you could use a response when updating requests from Intercom so that’s set. Staff would have to remember to do that though.

An alternative would be to use the admin theming option to use JQuery to set that drop down on those requests if you have a custom field or something you can key off of.

I’m not sure how you have these coming into HelpSpot. If it’s via API then in private.request.create you can set email_from to 0 from there.


Hi Ian,
Yep, we’re hitting the private API.
I’ve passed the email_from as 0 in a test. Should the send email from field in the Helpspot UI have changed to do no send email as a result of that?


No, it won’t hold that. There’s no way to make it hold the do not send currently.

Does Intercom actually need the email address? Perhaps you could leave the email address out of the info you send to Intercom so then it won’t be able to email? Also, I’m not sure if Intercom may have a setting on their end, but I’m assuming not.

That said, i’m going to have a look at having the email_from hold the setting when it’s set to 0. There’s a bit of complexity behind that so I can’t be sure we’ll be able to do that but we’ll take a look.


Thanks for the reply Ian.
Intercom doesn’t (as far as I can tell) have anything that will prevent emails from being sent out. I’ve spent the last two weeks looking :-\

As for the email address, Intercom technically doesn’t need it, no. We do though. In case the user has opened a case via email and via Intercom, we want to only work the problem once. If we don’t have an email address for one case in HS, we won’t be able to easily identify if that address has more open.

I’ll keep poking around to see if I can figure out something to make it work reliably without having to rely on humans remembering to do something :smiley:


Yeah, no tools really plan for this kinda use :slight_smile:

Do you have any other unique ID you can use? Also, you could use the email as a custom defined field in Intercom so you’d have it but it wouldn’t be in their email field and so wouldn’t generate emails.


I think we’ll have to do some kind of javascript voodoo to get this working the way we want it. I didn’t realize we could embed javascript into a Theme (I haven’t really messed with those). I’ll have to look into that.