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Brand new installation: admin page very poor layout/styling


Just installed v3.1.6 from ground up into a fresh DB (done it twice incase I made a mistake a long the way but get the same results) but when I go to admin.php the css/styling is a real mess making it hard to use:

See image in drop box:

Did I get something wrong in installation or how can I fix it so it is useable.

(Normal mode seems ok)


FYI This applies to Firefox, IE and Chrome


It looks like perhaps the URL is incorrect in config.php and so it’s not loading the CSS stylesheet correctly. That or if you view source and go to the CSS URL perhaps there’s an error on the page that serves the CSS that may be useful.


By adding php.ini to the css folder it seems much better

(Do I need to add php.ini to EVERY folder in Helpspot :frowning: )


Right, well I definitely wouldn’t recommend fixing it that way :slight_smile:

You should talk to your host about the proper way to fix it so the one ini file applies to all your folders. Putting it in subfolders could cause it to be removed in future upgrades.


With web hosts advice added:

suPHP_ConfigPath /php.ini

to my root php.ini and that fixed it

Cheers Ian