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Bringing in old tickets with an old date


I’ve got several messages (hundreds) in an e-mail box that were received prior to going live with Helpspot. I want to bring those e-mails into Helpspot in order to do reporting back to the beginning of the year. I can let Helpspot pull those e-mails from the mailbox but the tickets will get a creation date assigned to them when Helpspot first creates the tickets, which means my reporting would not be correct.

Is there a way to bring in old e-mails but assign them a previous date? I’d be happy to do each month as a batch since I really just need monthly reporting. My goal is just to get the old requests into the system with a date that matches the month in which they were originally sent.



You could probably do this with a little work. Move a month of emails to an account for importing. Import them and note the current time. Do a SQL update where you change any rows with a dtGMTOpened of around the import time to a timestamp that represents the month you want for that group.