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Bug: Forwarding external requests


When you use the forward option to forward an external request, it inserts the wrong email in the To field. Instead of using the email that the external request was sent to, it uses the email address that is in the email of the ticket.

Below are steps to recreate the bug.

  1. Create a ticket with the email address in the email field.
  2. After the ticket is created do an external request and in the To field put in and update the request.
  3. Now go to the external request and click on the Menu and select Forward.

At this point you should have the external request in your note section of the ticket and in the To field it will read TO: " " instead of TO: " "

This makes it confusing when forwarding external requests because the person receiving the forwarding request does not see how it was really sent to. This also caused an issue with my team where one of the members thought they sent their external requests to the wrong person because it had the wrong email in the forwarding note.

I would normally attached pictures of the example above but do not see a way to have attachments.