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Bug in reattaching


Hi together!

We’re using HelpSpot 2.7.2 and going to upgrade to 3.1.6…

I tested the 3.1.6. in the hosted trial and found a bug:

If you reattach something and change the type of the note afterwards (e.g. from public to external) the attachment will not be sent external.
If you first change the type of the note (e.g. from public to external) and reattach the previous attachment afterwards it works fine.

Can you confirm this?
If yes: is this an already known bug and will be fixed soon?


Hi Wolfgang,

Yes, changing the note type will remove an attachment currently. It’s something we’re looking into.


Hi Ian,
Thanks for your prompt reply! We’ll wait with our update until this bug is fixed.
Could you please give me an update on this Post, as soon as the bugfix is available?

Thanks in advance and best regards from Austria!


Hi together,
as mentioned in this previous post: there was a bug in reattaching files in a ticket.

Is this Bug already fixed?



That UI issue isn’t fixed, it’s due to some browser security things with the way file uploads work. We have to change things around a bit to fix it, but we’re working on that.