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Bug: JavaScript links break standard browser behavior


The links in the workspace sidebar are all generated by JavaScript rather than being standard HTML links. This makes it impossible to open them in new browser tabs.

For example, if I need to reference something in my queue or one of our saved filters, I have to open a new tab manually, then load Helpspot, then click the link I want. I should be able to just cmd-click to get a new tab the way I can with HTML links.




Thanks Kenn, yes John Speno reminds me of this every couple months or so :slight_smile:

It’s not totally broken in that you can right click and open in new tab, just not cmd click. This was taken into account in the v3 redesign though and I can assure you that those sidebar and request links all function properly with cmd click! Just have to wait a little bit longer…


Thanks, Ian. Looking forward to it.