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Bug: Response "usable by" setting not honored


Hi. We have around a dozen saved responses that primarily apply to only one person each. In HelpSpot 2.x, we didn’t see each others responses, which allowed us to quickly select our own. In 3.1 however, all responses are visible from the menu when applying them to requests. The responses page does show the correct “Usable by” setting, but it seems to not be honored.



Hi Kenn,

We’ve had another report of this and are researching it currently. Could you let me know what DB server you’re using.


I believe we’ve identified this issue. It appears to only affect admins, so admins will see all responses when they shouldn’t (though they always see all when editing responses in V3). Fix is in the works for 3.1.1


Thanks Ian. I didn’t get an email notice of your response so didn’t see your question until now. It sounds like you’ve got a handle on it, but if you still need it, I’m using MySQL 5.1 on Linux. Thanks.