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Bug: Triggers will disable "Urgent" tickets


So I have two triggers:

  1. If a category is a printer problem, assign it to a certain technician.
  2. If a user selects a certain custom field, set the ticket as “Urgent.”

I know that ordering triggers matters, but…

If 1 runs before 2, the ticket will be unassigned from that person, but set as urgent.
If 2 runs before 1, the ticket will be assigned to that person, and the urgent flag dropped.

Why are triggers turning of Urgency when assigning to a tech’s mailbox?
Or why are they taking tickets out of assigned tech’s mailbox when they’re set to Urgent?


Thank you for posting this. We’ll take a look and get this reproduced and update you once we know more.


Thanks for reporting this.

We’ve been able to isolate this issue and are working on incorporating a fix now. It should be included in the next release.