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Bullet Points


I’m trying to create a response in helpspot… When I copy and paste a document from word to helpspot, with bullet points, the formatting changes, as well as the font. How do I make bullet points in Helpspot?


You won’t be able to copy/paste into the response box very well from Word. The response box uses the Mardown format so for example, just use * to make bullet points.


Thanks Ian… I’ve tried that, however it doesn’t create bullet points, but rather it puts all the lines into one long run-on sentence. I can’t figure out how to get it to actually bullet…??


Make sure you leave a space before and after the the start of the bullets as well as a space after each bullet before any text. Only one per line. Like:

Response text here...

* First bullet
* Second bullet
* Third bullet

More text down here


Thank you for your help! The spaces after was what I was doing wrong. My ticket response looks great now! Thanks again!


Fantastic! Let us know if there’s anything else you need.