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Calculated fields - possible? (AKA: can Live Lookup look up HelpSpot?)


Hi Folks,

Just getting to grips with HelpSpot - looks like a terrific piece of software.

One question I have concerns calculated fields. I have not seen a Custom Field type for this, so I assume they are not supported by default.

But consider the following scenario:

  • I have Custom Field X, which has an integer (14000)
  • I have Custom Field Y, which contains a unit (say: 0.9)

Problem: I need X * Y in my HelpSpot system. (Yes. I am aware that an Excel export is a workaround, but bear with me…)

Solution (?):

  • I then create a Custom Field Z as an AJAX field.
  • I then write a small script that - via Live Lookup - simply adds the values sent together and returns the amount in XML
  • I can then add this information simply by clicking

The lookup would run whenever field Z is empty.

My questions therefore are:

  • Does this work? :=)
  • In particular, Live Lookup is primarily targeted at CRM, but does it simply work as well for this kind of “dynamic issue field” situation

I think this kind of functionality is amazingly powerful and would be very interested to know if this scenario works, since I can also think of other scenarios where it would also be very useful indeed.



I then


Hi Ed,

Yes indeed that will work. Basically exactly as you describe. Also as of version 2.4.2 (which if you just downloaded recently you’re using) you can have multiple Live Lookup URL’s setup. So you could have one for this calculation, but if you ever needed to have more for other things you can do that.

We have customers doing similar things to this with Live Lookup all the time. The only thing I would adjust with how you specified it is to not use an ajax custom field for the computed value. You don’t need to, just use a plain text field. Live Lookup can set the value of any field and using a plain one will be less complicated for you.

Let us know how it works out.


Hi Ian,

Wow, your support just got a 5/5 as well :=)

Very exciting stuff. Will be setting up the system a little more and trying out everything I can think of!




Excellent! Let us know if you need any assistance.