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Can any users in the UK lend us a helping hand


I have a client based in London who manages the tenants in 300 properties owned by landlords. At present the tenant requests for repairing fridges, stopping leaks, getting keys and things you can’t even imagine are mainly made on the phone and dealt with by emails which are scattered around the three property managers’ Outlook. A ticketing system linked to email would clearly help us track and resolve issues quicker and more efficiently as well as analyse the work and give tenants a super portal into the company. We have started trailing HotSpot but as with everything it is so much easier to see a system in use whatever the application than struggle. I wondered if any good spirited user preferably in London would lend us a helping hand in return for a good bottle of bubbly or something? No idea how many UK users there are but thought it worth asking. Chris Kaday


Hi Chris - we’re a UK company using HelpSpot. Unfortunately I don’t think we’re anywhere near a scale that would be useful for you to observe. We deal with about 10 new tickets a day, with just two staffers. So not a lot different than you’re able to observe with the trial.

So whilst I’m not much use to you, I did want to chip in and say there are happy HS users here in the UK! Happy to chat things over all the same if you think it might help.


Hi Chris,

We too are happy UK users. We have been using Helpspot for our IT Support company for the past 3 years and have been very happy with it. Our offices are 40 mins out of London on the train if you want to have a look or I can show you over a remote session. We have a pretty basic setup of Helpspot but it is a critical funtion of our business. Following on from the recent upgrade we are taking another look at how we are using Helpspot and improving our workflow.

Feel free to get in contact, our details are on our website: