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Can both LDAP and HelpSpot internal authentication be used?


I am currently evaluating help desk products for our company and wondered if we could use a mixed authentication mode with HelpSpot.

We have about 100+ internal users, plus external clients and consultants and ideally we would prefer not have to force the internal users to login if they are currently on the network. If on the other hand they are working remotely, then we want them to be able to log in.

The external clients and consultants would always need to use the internal authentication.

I had a chance to look at the documentation for the black box portal authentication, it appears that we could roll our own membership provider but wondered if there was another way. (This just means we would have to maintain the customer username, email and password in a different system.)

Ideally, I would like to have everyone who is accessing the support site from a specific IP address range use LDAP and everyone else the internal HelpSpot provider.




Hi Doug,

Well, one thing to be aware of is that even internal users will need to login. It won’t be able to detect them. Of course they’ll just be able to login with their normal LDAP username/password.

In terms of mixed authentication that’s generally not possible. HelpSpot does always allow the internal authentication for administrators in case they need to enter the system when LDAP is down, but other users would not be able to enter. So for your example you’d need to build a separate membership group.

Since you have full control though you could first attempt to authenticate against LDAP (your internal users) and if that fails try against a flat file or simple DB table which would hold your external clients/consultants if you’d rather not have these folks in your regular LDAP database.