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Can Error Log events be emailed to admins?


Is there a way to configure HelpSpot to email an individual/group when an event is generated in the Error Log? For instance, tasks.php is running correctly on the server, but the authentication to the mailbox fails. We’d like to see those events real-time without having to monitor that page.


Hi Paul,

Not currently. We’re going to be working on some underlying changes for a large future release that could bring some enhancements like that and/or the possibility of connecting it to other sorts of error logging systems.

With mailboxes specifically it’s a little bit tricky though. They often go offline for a minute or are overloaded and reject but then become available. So, to be useful it’ll probably require a bit more logic so that each event doesn’t trigger emails for very temporary issues, etc.


Understood. Thanks Ian. I could deal with the mailboxes generating multiple events on the mail client side if needed in the short term. I appreciate the reply.


As a short term fix, the table that hold the error log is very simple. You or a developer on your team could put together a script in a few lines that watched it and generated emails based on it.