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Can HelpSpot pass other fields to Live Lookup?


HelpSpot passes five predefined fields to the Live Lookup script (customer_id, first_name, last_name, email and/or phone). Is there a way to configure HelpSpot to pass other fields (like new Custom Request Fields) to the Live Lookup script?

Live Lookup is a very useful/flexible tool to access back-end data sources and retrieving information and it doesn’t seem right to be limited by those 5 fields only :frowning:



Hi Beltran,

Yes, HelpSpot does pass in more fields. It passes in category, status, logged in user, assigned user and custom fields. You can find the full list on this page:


Thanks Ian,
It does indeed pass in more fields (as I mentioned, this is a great feature… :slight_smile:

I was having problems with a new custom field I created (Company name) because basically all companies had more than one word (CompanyA Corp, CompanyB Inc, etc, etc…), and always, the result of the Live Lookup search was “nothing found”.

After a couple of print lines I found out that the problem was that Helpspot passes those names with the html blank space code (%20), so, the php scrip would receive something like “CompanyA%20Corp”, and of course, this wasn’t a match in the MySQL query.

So, I fixed the problem replacing the html blank space code “%20” with an space using str_replace():

Find_CompanyName = str_replace("%20"," ",_GET[‘Custom2’]);



Oh, yes. It’s being based via HTTP GET so the variables are URL encoded. Many programming languages decode it for you, if yours doesn’t look for a URL decode function. You’ll want to use that rather than just replacing that one space character.


I just realized from your other post that you’re probably using PHP. If you use $_GET it should have decoded the items for you.