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Can not login as admin


Hi I installed helpspot trial version and now I can not login as administrator.

I can login just as staff


Is there any way to reset the admin password if you dont have the email address the admin profile was registered under or the old password? is there any file in the database or somewhere that can be changed to reset the admin email so we can click on the forgot password link again or any other way?




I am not sure, it is site for a client, he did something and after that he can’t login with admin account.

There is one user in HS_Person table, but he is not admin, he is staff member. And his email is not the same as admin’s.

I have shell access and phpmyadmin. What has to be done ?


In the HS_Person table make sure the person who’s the admin has fUserType = 1. Also make sure that there are not more people with fDeleted = 0 than licenses. If the system see’s more active users than the license it can cause admins to get locked out.