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Can you delete selected history in a case?


We sent an e-mail from Outlook to the HelpSpot system and entered the wrong case number in the subject line. How can I delete this history from the case that it was mistakenly sent to?


Hi Shaun,

There’s no way to delete a note from the UI in order to maintain history. However, if you really need it deleted you could remove it’s row from HS_Request_History in the database.


This is an old post but this does come up with some frequency. Another common problem is that someone posts an update on the wrong request. It would be nice if there was a way to “Move” a post from one request to another request history. Then you could also move an entry from a request and create a new request from it, then close the new request if the comment was just wrong and no action is needed.


You can create a new request from a request history item in another. You could then mark the original as private.

The ability to edit existing notes breaks the audit chain. We could, perhaps add an option that allowed “deleting” them, but in fact leave them in a deleted view. So they’d be gone from the regular history flow, but still available if needed. Something to kick around.


Yes I have actually used the create a new request from a history item. I had expected that if you create a new request form it, it would be removed from the original item (It is not lost but now becomes its own entry). The problem is in this case, the existing request is the one we want to keep and is “polluted” with the invalid entry.

This seems like it would keep continuity if the “branch” functionality left an entry saying “a new request 12343 was created from an entry that was removed from this request”. Click here to view that request (then you could show a popup preview like you do on the list view, or just a regular link that takes them to that other request.


Yes, that would work pretty well if we branched it off like that. We’ll give that a look.