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Can you get the entire body of text from helpspot in an email notification


Is there a way to automatically get the entire body of text from helpspot in an email notification?

I know the link is only a click away, but it would be helpful, especially for when one is using a mobile device, to get the context of the notification.


By default HelpSpot does include the entire body of the note in the email notifications. It sounds like maybe somebody modified the email template to not include all of it.

That can be changed back in admin-email templates-staff notifications. Edit the HTML and Text versions of that template and make sure they include the ##message## tag. That will be the full text.

You can also include the entire public note thread if you like on each notification. The placeholder that does that is available in the drop down below the email template editing box.


Thank you for your reply.
What I was looking for was actually an option to include the full request history in the notification email, so public, private and external notes. But looking at the placeholders available that does not seem to be possible.
Thanks again,


Ah. You can include the full public history, but not currently private/external. I haven’t heard that request before, but it’s an interesting idea. Something we’ll consider for a future release.


Thanks a lot for your assistance. Impressive response time :-).


Thanks! Truly appreciated.