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Cannot connect to database. Check your config.php


This all started after reinstalling the Zend Optimizer.

The config.php file has all the accurate data in it. I know because it hasn’t changed since back when Helpspot was working fine (also I look in the file and it has all the correct info).

The DB is up, I can connect to it with Enterprise Manager using the login info from config.php.

Do I need to run “installer.php” again? I found a reference to it in one of the installation walk-throughs. Of course “installer.php” is not on my server any more since the walk-through also says to delete it after you run it.

Any help is appreciated. We are stuck.


Editors note, this has been fixed. This issue was related to Zend moving the php.ini. The main issue was a bug in 2.4.2 which has been fixed in 2.4.7 and Mike is back up and running.