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Cannot make user inactive


We are currently testing the product. I had just created a couple of users as Admins, but then we are planning to switch over to the free license (which only allows three users) and need to deactivate one of them.

However, I keep getting the message “The user is the default contact in at least one category. You must reassign the default contact before this user can be made inactive”.

I went to Categories and made sure this user was not a member of any of the cateogries (we only have 3), and was not a “Default Staff Contact” anywhere. However, I still can’t make this user inactive.

Any thoughts? Not sure if there’s somewhere else I need to look?



Never mind, did not realize there were inactive categories! It’s all good now.


They are probably the default contact on a disabled category. Take at the “show inactive categories” button and then remove the users as the default contact from there.