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Can't edit a Ticket that has copy/pasted HTML


I had a customer copy/paste from an html page in a reply to an open ticket. Ever since that post appeared, I’m unable to edit that one ticket from within Helpspot. I get an error message of “You must assign this request to a category” whenever I try to edit the item. The problem is, a category is assigned. Even if I change the category assignment and try to save, I get the same message.

I’m guessing there is something in that html that is throwing Helpspot off here. Subsequent additions sent via email have been correctly appended to the thread, so this just seems like an issue on the front end. This ticket has been resolved and I want to close it and get it out of my queue.

What do you suggest?


Hi Mark,

That problem is likely because they included an HTML form. This is fixed in an upcoming release. For now you’ll need to manually edit the row in the HS_Request_History table that contains the HTML form. It will be in the tNote column.



Thanks for the quick response. After reading your reply, I realized there was another option.

I just used the My Queue list view. I selected the rogue ticket using the checkboxes at the left and then used the dropdown action at the bottom of the list to Close Request. This method avoided displaying the embedded html that was causing the issue in the detail view, so it worked without any problem.

Good product - keep it up!