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Can't view ticket but it's assigned


We have a ticket that is rather large and assigned to a support specialist, however, it doesn’t show up in their queue. We’ve changed it from specialist to speicliast and it wont show up in queue or even the inbox. We can search for the ticket by number but can’t get it in a queue at all.

Any tips? It’s about a year old and has 366 replies on it. Would size affect this?


Hi Derek,

Hmm, I’ve seen this happen once where it got a status ID that wasn’t valid and so the join doesn’t work in the queue. Check the database and make sure in HS_Request.xStatus that ID is valid for one of the status types in HS_luStatus


I know you guys host your own installation so there’s not really much we can do before you check that. You’ll need to have someone with access to the DB take a look