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CC or BCC recipients don't receive public notes


I might have another? My QA days are returning… :smiley:

It appears that if there isn’t a email address in a request (Customer info) and you send out a public note and have recipients in the CC or BCC fields, it appears to send but actually doesn’t.

Also, possibly some related info… When I update the ticket to send the public note, I have an additional item at the same time in the Request History that says “Send from changed from "” to "".

Oh, and a separate issue…

When I send out a public note it changes the Initial Request text so that reads “Update on your Request - Original request text” and similarly in the Request History it logs "Email subject changed from “” to “Update on Your Request”. Sort of annoying for me as it changes all the Initial Request text in my Workspace and makes it more difficult to track. I hope I’m explaining this correctly? Is this a feature? :stuck_out_tongue: