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Cc replies reopneing the tickets



I’ve been using your Helpdesk for most of the past year and it’s really helped our small IT Dept become more professional and it’s benefited us greatly in handling the work effectively.

One issue that has appeared a few times is this. When a ticket has been opened (via email) by user1 with copies (cc:) to user2, user3 and user4, which is fine if they all want to be informed but when I close the ticket, any replies from cc’ed users reopens the ticket back into my workspace.

I know you like to think these processes through before just applying a fix, but would it be an idea to have only the originator able to reopen the ticket through email? Or maybe an option to close the ticket with a suffix of (only allow originator to reopen).

I may have not fully thought this one through as I’ve used the feature that allows me to reopen a ticket outside of the system by putting {ticket#} in the subject line of emails to our helpdesk mailbox to reopen tickets… a fix like above would stop that.

Any thoughts are welcome.


Hi Duncan,

Well, I guess the problem I see with this is that what if the CC people have something important to add. What happens if the ticket isn’t reponed? They will never get a response since the CC’d reply with be appended to the request, but no reopened so nobody will know about it.

I’ll note this down to see if any future features may help in this regard or perhaps something could be incorporated to handle this.



Thanks again for your QUICK responses.

I’m looking forward to Version 2, I guess the list of features is quite significant. Any ideas on possible release dates?

No hurray, I’m just impressed with each update you do and look forward to being able to benefit from them.


V2 is just getting underway. A rough date is late spring to summer. We will be doing beta releases though over the spring. An email will go out when the first one is about ready so you can sign up to have access to the beta builds if you want to checkout the latest and greatest.