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Change Customer with a rule


We get automated emails from our HCM system notifying us of new hires/terminations. These emails come from a noreply email that does not have a mailbox so all auto responses from the system bounce back. I created rules to keep automatic responses from going to these emails, however I would like to change the customer on the ticket based off of certain criteria. As of right now my helpdesk has to manually change the customer to an HR distribution list so that they get the credentials for the new user when we close the ticket. Does anyone know of a way that I can get the customer to change? Or can anyone think of a different way to perform this task that I am just missing?


Hi Mike,
That’s a good question. This kind of an action can be done via the API. I’ve set up something similar for us here at HelpSpot using the Zapier Integration. The Zapier integration is currenlty in a private beta, but you can request access to the beta at