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Change Email Login to not go to Request History


Is there a way to change it so that if a user were to login using their email address and password, to NOT have them go directly to the request history page? From what the code looks like, it seems like the index.php file is the one that controls where the user is pointed once they are logged in and since that page is made with Zend, we are unable to edit it.

The reason I ask is because we have altered the Portal with some major changes and now to submit a ticket, you must be logged in first and then it passes to the main frontpage of the portal to create tickets and all of that stuff.



Hmm, currently you can’t directly change that. However, if you wanted to you could probably change the links to the request history to point to a different template like request.history.cust or whatever. modify index.tpl.php to know about this template which would just be a clone of the original. Then modify the original to redirect to your new version or wherever else you’d like it to go.

Let me know if that makes sense.


Yeah it does make sense. A lot of work none-the-less, but I suppose if that is the only way of going about this, then so be it. I’ll try it out and see if I can get it to work like that.


Ok maybe a little over-reaction because I was able to do it within about 20 minutes successfully :stuck_out_tongue: . Awesome! Thanks for the pointers.


Excellent! Great to hear you got it working. I don’t always recommend that sort of thing but you seemed fairly handy :slight_smile: