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Change helpspot logo to your own logo (widget)


How do you change the helpspot logo on the widget to your own company’s logo.


Hi Will,

This explains how to remove it, you could modify this to replace it.


That would be very helpful if I was trying to remove the link, but what if I want to change it to my own logo, and link it to my own website.


also when I tried to remove it via a CSS class using your instructions of pasting #poweredbyhelpspot_link{ display:none; } into a CSS class (I know it was the one the program was reading nothing happened.


If you could post the URL to the page your working on I can take a look.



when I try the code other people on this forum have used the widget does not appear


I think the issue is that you don’t have the custom_code/widget_tab.css file in the real custom_code folder just in one you built in your subdirectory. Put it in your real /custom_code folder and see if that works.


Where is the real custom_code file?


are you sure that’s the problem other changes i make to the css file for widget 2 seem to hold


I see you’ve added that file manually to your page, but that css file must be included in the iframe HelpSpot generates that’s why your changes don’t work in the iframe because the CSS only applies to the page your in and not the tab iframe.

The /custom_code folder is in your HelpSpot root directory where admin.php and config.php are.