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Change Mailbox when emailing to a new address on same ticket

I’m trying to set up a way for clients to forward their response email to another email address to escalate. So I have both the main email address and the “escalate” email address set up to receive email in helpspot. Then I have a trigger with conditions:
When a request is Updated if all of the following conditions are met:
Mailbox - Now Is - Escalated email address

When I then test it out by emailing the regular email address, replying through helpspot, and then forwarding the reply to the escalated email address, the trigger doesn’t run.
Is there a way for me to change the Mailbox when they reply to a separate email address?

I mean in there a way for me to change the Mailbox when the To line is different

I haven’t tried this my self but are you able to add an email through the admin settings and have the trigger recognize that as your escalated email?