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Change status when customer replies via email



We have created an Automated Rule that change the status when customer reply via email. This allow us to set a ticket to “Waiting customer reply” when we reply, and set the ticket back to Active when the customer reply.

Unfortunatly, this doesn’t work for reply sent by email. Is there a reason why ? What can we do to make this work ? Is there a way to create that behavior with a Trigger instead of a Automated Rule ?

The Automated Rule we’ve created:


  • Open/Close : open
  • Last public reply from : Customer
  • Status : Is : Waiting customer reply
  • Set status : Active

Also, I have found the following topic regarding the same issue, but it’s 6 years old :

So, I am wondering if anything changed since then.

Thanks for your help,

Patrick Gagnon-Renaud