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Change status when customer replies via email?



I’ve created a “we replied” status.

I’ve got an automated rule (running hourly) to catch open tickets which a user updated during the past hour without us having since responded to their update. The rule has these conditions:

Open/Closed = Open
Last public reply from = Customer
Status - is not - Active

Actions are:
Set Status = Active
Send email notification to = Assigned staffer

When I use ‘test conditions’ the rule is properly catching tickets matching tickets if they customer updated via the portal / request.check but tickets updated by customers are not being caught.

A difference I see between the tickets is that tickets updated via portal / request.check are marked as public notes while emailed updates are marked private.

I get the sense from the phrase “Last public reply from” that the emailed responses would be caught by the rule if they were marked public instead of private, but I’ve been unable to locate a setting for that. I’m also unable to find any rule menu options for customer private updates.

Is there a way to get such a rule working on emailed replies or a work-around available?



Oops, I forgot to specify that my goal is to change status from “We replied” to “Active” when a customer replies, regardless of whether they reply via form or email.


Hi Steven,

Customer emails will also generally be considered public as long as the email they sent in is from the same email account as the one listed in the customer email box. The only time it won’t be considered public is if the customer email is listed a X (or blank) and they reply from Y.

Check to see if this is the case, because this should generally be working.


Hi Ian,

Yes, that seems to be the case, thanks.

Is there a setting, hack or work-around to allow emails sent to the same ticket but from different email addresses to also appear ‘public’? (I understand the risk of internal emails being exposed to user’s eyes unintentionally.)

Thank you,


Hi Steven,

Not currently, though you can convert them to public manually. Otherwise you could do something in the database in HS_Request_History to make fPublic = 1. Perhaps search for know email addresses and flip that flag. I haven’t tried this though so be on the lookout for unexpected issues.