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Changing Insert Link function to default the "Target" to "New Window"


I have a user who requested that we modify the WYSIWYG Editor in Helpspot requests.
They asked us to default links being inserted to open in a new window - instead of taking over the existing window.

This will save them some clicks over time.

2 Questions:

  1. How can you change the Insert Link function in a note to default the “Target” to “New Window”?
  2. Would you advise against doing this?

Add Link:

Defaults to None:

They want to save these 2 clicks:

If it is the TinyMCE editor I found this forum post, but don’t know if this is upgrade safe.


Well, that way mentioned in your link would work. Every update to HelpSpot though you’ll have to re-apply that patch.

Also changing this wysiwyg would only impact your own links not links sent in from outside and such so they’d still end up having the screen taken over in other cases.

I’d propose a simpler solution would be to use something like a Chrome plugin that lets you make use of middle/right mouse clicks to open links in new windows/tabs. That would be a simpler solution that could then be user specific.

Another option would be to use a custom admin theme with a custom javascript file that has some jQuery which only looks for links within the history and uses javascript to force those to open in a new tab. That would be a bit cleaner a solution, though may occasionally require some maintenance when UI elements change.


Hi Ian.
We just upgraded to Helpspot 4.

One thing we have noticed now is that the Target “New Window” function does not appear to work on our instillation anymore the way it was documented here. Is this an issue with the .14 build?


Hi Bill,

I’m assuming you made a change to the code of the wysiwyg to do that correct? If so I’m guessing the upgrade overwrote your modification. That modification will need to be re-applied after each upgrade since that’s not an area designed to be directly modified by customers.


Actually we chose not to customize it. So this is base functionality on an unmodified install in this point that isn’t working in HS4.


Could you be more specific as to what is not working. You’re not seeing the selector or you are selecting to open in new window and it isn’t? We haven’t made any changes to that and it is working correctly (in general), adding target="_blank" to the generated HTML.


Yes so we select the selector “New Window” for the Target. Save the link, then click on the link in the request history and it takes over the helpspot window, instead of opening a new tab. Tried in Firefox. This worked before the upgrade.


Ah OK. I see what you’re saying. I believe it’s being stripped by the HTML cleaner. Let me see if we can make an exception on that for a future release.