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Checking email stopped working


I installed Helpspot to test it out before buying the paid version. I had it checking email from two accounts on our Exchange 2010 server. Everything was working fine. Come back after the weekend and it would not grab emails from the accounts anymore. I have tried numerous other connection settings that our Exchange server accepts, they all test fine when I test them, but no emails are coming in to Helpspot’s inbox even though the emails are getting to those Exchange accounts. I see the ‘Loading’ popup come up, so I assume the 2 PHP tasks are running. I have wiped out the installation and reinstalled. Still no joy.


Hey Ken,
One of the best ways to troubleshoot further is by manually running task.php script from your browser. Before you access the url, go to Admin > Settings > Email Integration and turn on the tasks.php debugging setting. Then access http://yourhelpspotserver/tasks.php in your browser. You will get a debugging output showing what the script finds when it connects to your mailboxes.



So, that came back with no errors, but I did get the emails. So it appears that tasks.php is not running on it’s own. What can cause that?

Thanks for the help



Hi Ken,
Most likely your CRON job (on linux) or scheduled task (on windows) is not set up properly. Check out the documentation here:


I used the installer. It’s supposed to set that up for you. I guess not.