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Child tasks


Are there any plans on adding the capabilities to link tasks or assign child tasks.


Hi Keith,

Do you mean a todo type system or by tasks do you mean requests?

You can link requests now with a shortcut by type r:xxxxx where xxxx is a request ID. Though this is only an HTML link and is not a linked that can be reported on.


I guess a type of todo system. I would like to use the software for IT dept tasks as well as end user requests. It would be great to add a subtask to a task. I know you mentioned the possibility of adding a type of calendaring system in the future. Are there any plans to add a todo type system.


It would be useful if there was a way to turn a request into a simple internal to-do list. I do website design and many times we’ll get a request with a long list of items. For these multi-item requests, I generally create a to-do list in Basecamp for management. Sometimes different staff members will handle the request and step through the to-do list.


That is something we’ve thinking about. No decision yet, but it is also something we’d find useful.