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Clickable ID


On the “My Queue” view, there is a column with the request ID, that is a link (to a pg=request&reqid= page), but this is missing on the “Inbox” view.

Is there a reason why said auto-linked column is not on “Inbox” view?

Adding a custom column with the request id is not feasible, as it is not a link, only text.

The goal is to be able to open multiple tickets from the inbox on tabs, rather then view the initial request in a popup, one at a time.


The main idea with the Inbox is for the requests to be “taken” which does more than view them but actually assigns them so they leave the inbox. However, if you want to manage the inbox that way and be able to open in tabs all you need to do is create a filter which has the same conditions as the inbox (probably a global filter).

Those conditions are:

  • Open/Closed = Open
  • Assigned to = Unassigned

That will create a filter exactly like the inbox.