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Back in October, you responded to a similar request to the one I’m about to make with this:

“As for a login there is no customer login system and there is no plans to have one. We believe it creates to large a barrier to your customers.”

I would like to respectfully disagree. You’re right in that forcing a login would create a barrier, and using a cookie would probably be a poor solution, but I’ll tell you this: I love being able to login and view all my support requests without having to look up and enter some weird “code” to get there.

If you could set it up so that a login isn’t required, but if a Customer ID was entered, then it could require a login. You’d merely need to store a Customer ID-Password combo, and perhaps the Name/Email/Phone of that customer so they can enter a new case more easily, browse their open cases, that sort of thing. You could even work it in with the LiveLookup stuff if you didn’t want to store passwords and whatnot.

This can be done in an optional and non-obtrusive way, it’s just not a simple programming task. However, the really great features rarely are simple to write. :slight_smile: I would be more than happy to work closely with you to get this working well, because I really think it’d be a fantastic addition.

Admittedly, I’m still reviewing your product (though I’m pretty sold on it, let me tell you!) but if you can tell me that you’ll seriously consider this it would be icing on the cake.


Hi TJ,

Glad to hear you’re enjoying HelpSpot overall. This feature is definitely something I’ve given serious consideration to and will continue to consider in the future. It was a tough decision to leave it out.

The main problem I see is that it would be tricky to hide it too much because if you do then people won’t be able to find where to login. On the other hand if you make it prominent it becomes yet another path for customers to go down and perhaps get lost in even if it’s not actually required.

Overall it’s proven itself to not be a problem. It does seem like it should be a problem, but in practice almost all customers will search back through their emails rather than go to the portal to lookup old request information. It’s just faster to do so. If there was a password it would make going to the portal an even longer process. Of course this isn’t 100% true for everyone, but I’ve been surprised myself at how little an issue this has been.

That said it may be an option in the future, perhaps as some type of add in. You could actually build this yourself pretty easily. Add a new template to the template system for the list of requests. A little form which would ask them for their customer ID and a password you lookup against your own system/table. All you need to do is then query the HelpSpot DB for all the requests by that customer ID/email and build the URL’s to the request check page. I’m happy to advise you if you choose to undertake this.