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Client request form


We are evaluating Helpspot. The forms for helpdesk-staff seem to be ok (for our purpose).

We would like a form on witch a customer can login (clientID) to view all its requests (including status information).
Does such a form exist in Helpspot? I can only find the “submit a request” and “check on a request” options. These options are about only one request. As far as I understand no status information can be found on this form.

We would like to use the system to replace all emails, notes and “to do lists” on both our side and the customer side. That is only possible if the customer has a simple and complete view on all of the pending requests.

Greetings, Roeland Wildeman.


Hi Roeland,

Currently there is no login functionality on the portal. This is slated for a future release, but is not currently available.

You can show status information on the request check page. The code to do it is commented out in the request.check.tpl.php template. If you want to modify that template you should first read this:

So you should be able to do most of what you want right now, but you won’t be able to list all the requests on one page. As I said above, this will be available in a future release probably about 1-2 months out.


Hi Ian,

Thanks for your answer. I will try to add the status information.