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Collect computer information


Would it be possible to add a button to the user interface that would invoke a script that pulls basic system information from the customer’s computer? Such a feature could be useful if that information were particularly relevant to the customer’s request. That data could be summarized in the Request History.


That looks like a great tool – much better than the one that we’re using now, apart from the matter of helpdesk integration. Can you tell me if it’s possible to insert a link in a HelpSpot request that leads to an entry in the LanSweeper web interface? In the LanSweeper demo, it looks like the URLs follow a fixed format.


Hi David,

This is probably possible if you mean on the request submit page? It wouldn’t be possible (easily) for the staff to initiate this, but you could add something to the request form in the portal that asks the customer to click it and it gets some information.

You could then put the info into the note box or you could use the hidden “additional information” field that allows you to pass information into the request which is not visible. So with this you might have a server side script pickup information about the customers computer (OS, browser, etc) and populate the additional hidden field on the request.tpl.php template.


I don’t know much about this LanSweeper app, but you could do what you describe via Live Lookup. So create a Live Lookup search URL for LanSweeper. That script accepts the data HS sends it and does the LanSweeper URL. Takes the returned details, formats it in the Live Lookup XML format and sends it back.


What I was thinking of was a button in the portal that a customer could click (optionally) to kick off a script that would collect information about the computer. For example, when one goes to the Dell Support site, it’s possible to have the site retrieve the computer’s service tag and use it on subsequent pages (e.g. driver search, warranty information, etc.).

From the staffer’s perspective, it would be interesting to be able to use a Live Lookup search for a computer, but wouldn’t one have to choose between searching for customers and searching for computers?


Nope, you can have multiple Live Lookup search URL’s in the drop down list. In Admin->Settings->Live Lookup there’s an add more link to add additional Live Lookup URLs