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Configuring SMS



How do you configure SMS-sending?
I’ve noticed that you can add a phone number, and set users to receive notifications on SMS.

What do I have to do to be able to send SMS through one of the carriers listed?
How about adding support for Clickatell?


Hi Richard,

Currently HelpSpot sends via email gateways, support for Clickatell is something we’re considering for a future release though.



I tried sending SMS to a Telenor-number by setting the phone number and chose Telenor as the carrier, but did not receive any messages.


Looks like they may have updated their email to sms domain. If you know how to access your database you can update their settings in the HS_luSMS table where sName = telenor set sAddress to and see if that helps.


Telenor doesn’t provide this service anymore.
Support for Clickatell would have been appreciated :slight_smile:


Also MessageNet :slight_smile:

INSERT INTO HS_luSMS (xSMSService,sName,sFromSize,sMsgSize,sTotalSize,sPrefixType,sAddress,fTop) VALUES(99,“MessageNet”,30,160,160,“10 Digit Phone Number”,“”,0);

Thanks Ian.