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Confused by loop error message



Shortly after upgrading to HelpSpot v2.7, I noticed a couple of errors in the error log like this:

“Request XXXXXXX may be stuck in an email loop with The loop has been broken.”

This is a little baffling to me, since I don’t have auto-replies enabled anywhere. How can an email loop be detected if auto-replies are not enabled for any of the mailboxes set up in HelpSpot?

Also, the associated request doesn’t appear to have been updated. Is this normal?


Hi Mark,

Generally its caused by a loop, the system does filter out duplicates so it could be identical messages over and over. It’s possible that something else is looping to you outside of your direct control.

You could test that by disabling the mailbox for half an hour then looking in the mailbox via web mail to see if any have queued up.


OK, thanks for the additional information. Maybe some of our customers are sending the same emails to multiple addresses (e.g. sales, support, info, and whatnot) or something similar.

We’ll just monitor it for now.

Thanks, as always, for the quick reply. Very much appreciated.


No problem, yes keep an eye on it and let us know if it keeps popping up regularly.