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Connection failed to,995: Connection timed out


I’m unable to connect to a Google Apps mailbox from the Admin > Mailboxes page, using the following settings:

username: []
password: [mailbox password]
account type: pop3s
port: 995
security type: ssl no-validate (have also tried tls no-validate and tls)

POP3 access is enabled for the mailbox and I have OpenSSL running on the server. When I test the settings, I eventually receive the error message:

Connection failed to,995: Connection timed out

I’ve searched the forum for a solution, but to no avail. Help!


Greetings Mike:

I don’t work for HelpSpot, but as an admin I would manually test from the server itself if I could do a form of telnet connection.

See as a general guide.

If it works from the command line, then you have some proof it is not the server.

Thank you.


Hi Mike,

As Peter said, try a telnet if possible. It could be something between HelpSpot and Gmail that’s the issue.

We have many customers using Gmail so it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

In some rare cases your IMAP extension in PHP could be compiled without SSL support, this is very rare but is something to check as well.


Thanks for your suggestions. I’ll give Telnet a try…