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Connection time out when setting up email



Has anyone had this problem with setting up email? I have entered all the details and it still keeps timing out on me.

Error: Can’t connect to,110: Connection timed out

I have enabled pop/imap on our exchange server and also allowed for pop3s traffic to allow into our network.

Does anyone have any other ideas where I could be going wrong?



Hi David,

If you’re using secure connections you need these settings:

POP3S (note the S)
port 995
security: SSL No Validate

A timeout though often indicates a firewall issue so check to be sure the web server can get out on port 995 (110 if you wan to use an unsecured connection)


Hi Ian,

That appeared to work, but its throwing up another error now.

Error: Kerberos error: Unknown code krb5 195 (try running kinit) for

I notice there is a reference to a kerberos problem on the manual, but I have an exchange server and not a linux environment.

Any ideas?

Thanks again