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"Contacted Via" - can change the list of options


Hi There,
I haven’t been able to find anything on the this…But i would like to change the list of options in the drop down list in the “Contact Via” field. This field apperas when i am logging a new request.



Hi, as far as I know that list is hard coded (i.e. not editable by users) but perhaps this is under consideration for a future version. :slight_smile:


And on a related note, I’ve wanted to be able to change the chosen value of this field after a request has been created. All the other customer details are editable except that one. Did that change in 2.4.7? I’m still running 2.4.1.


Hi All,

Yes, currently those types are not configurable as their a bit more complex than the other configurable fields like status. Making them user editable though is something we’re looking into.

No John, once it’s set it’s set unless you edit the DB. I’ll note that though.