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Convert attachments to database before migration


I am using Helpspot 4.5.7 on a Linux box, and would like to migrate the installation to another Linux box (Ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04) and do an upgrade to the lastest 4.9.3.
At the installation I decided to put my attachments into the file system, which I now regret a little bit. Is there a way of moving the files from the file system into the database? I only found the other way somewhere at “Helpspot Hacks”.
I am sure there is a way - I am just not aware of it and I do not find anything online. Maybe somebody here can help?

Guybrush (Threepwood - the mighty support pirrrate)


We don’t have an easy way to do that currently, although it’s technically possible.

May I ask what issues you ran into? Saving files to the disk is our current recommended approach, but I’m curious about your issues to see where we can help/improve that!