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Copy a request to a forum post


A useful feature would be to be able to take a single request note and turn it into a forum post.

Obviously a request doesn’t map one-to-one with a forum post, but the ability to take the text of a note, and the customer’s name and email address across to a forum post would be very useful.

The context is that we prefer customers to post generic questions to the forum where others can benefit from the answers. If a customer raises such a question as a request, it would be great if we could let them know and then transfer it to a post for them, rather than turning them away to go and repeat their request themselves.


Hmm, that’s interesting. Might be something we’d actually add on each request history note as an option to turn that into a forum post.

On the other hand, people who post things to you privately may not be keen on you having publicly published their question, especially if this were to automatically use there name (and it would have to use some name, perhaps a staffers instead?).

If you wanted to get fancy in the near term you could do this with the api, or fancier still using the admin theme .js file to add the button which runs a script that does it.


So getting a bit more complicated, but what if turning a note into a post initiated an email to the customer with a link to a pre-filled forum post form for them to edit as needed and submit?


You could certainly do that in a custom implementation. It’s an interesting idea, we’ll have to think a bit more about it’s implications.